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We are always asked how many implements were made for the Farmall Cub and Lo-Boy.  We honestly do not know, and may never know as there were many companies besides IH that produced special equipment. 

Listed below are some of the original brochures.  The intent is to share this information. We make no claims about the items being correct for the Cub or appropriate for your application.


Only a CUB

Messinger Crop Duster

Sun-Mastr Reel-Rotary and Hammermill types

Sun-Mastr Reel and Rotary Mowers

Sun-Mastr Price List

Modified Cub Lo-Boy

Cub Two-Wheel Farm Trailer

Henderson Loader for Farmall Cub

Henderson Midget Loader on Farmall Cub

Henderson Loader for Farmall Cub and Cub Lo-Boy

Purolator Oil Filter

Wood's Rotary Mower 59C Owner's Manual and Parts List

Wigle Hoeing Attachment

Caldwell BANTAM Rotary Cutter

International CUB Tractor

Tractor Farming

Sims All Weather Cabs

Howard Rotavator CD6 gear unit

Howard Rotavator CD6 owners manual

Howard Rotavator L28

Meyer Snow Plows

Wood's Rotary Mower-Shredders

Howard Rotavator L28 Parts Catalogue

Brookfield 28" Buzz Saw

New International Cub Lo-Boy

Marble Electric Generator

Twin Draulic Loader

Sunflower Gang Lawn Mower

Sunflower Gang Lawn Mower

Sunflower Gang Lawn Mower

From A to Z

Pittsburgh Carry-Lift

Worthington Gang Mower

Bosch Magneto for Cub

Philadelphia Triple Gang Mower Unit

Shawnee I-33 Rear Blade

No. 22 Series Mowers

Mott Hammer Knife Mowers

Cub Industrial Tractor

Cub Industrial Tractor

International 100 Blade

International 100 Blade

International 105 Mower shown on y/w lo-boy

Sunflower Kub-Klipper Assembly Instructions

Buller No. 200-UT Tractor Saw Frame

York Rakes

Sweepster Rotary Broom Price Sheet

Sunflower Gang Lawn Mower (U.S. Pat.)

The Mechanical Transplanter

Fordmac Tandem Disc Harrow

Barnes PTO Pumps

Wausau "V" and Blade Plows

Cubsawyer Model 24

Cubsawyer Direct Drive Buzz Saw

Stockland Hydro-Scoop

Stockland Hydro-Scoop

Customized Cub Lo-Boy

Cub Lo-Boy Steep Slope Mowing

Cub Specifications Sheet

 Wagner Loader

 Twin-Draulic Loader

 Kensico Stone Rake

Arps Half-Track

Prewitt Mounted Mixer

Prewitt Post Hole Digger

Century Boomless Sprayer

Devilbiss Air Compressor

Cub-152 Disk Plow

International 1000 Loader

International Danco C-2 Rotary Mower

International 105 Mower

McCormick Side Delivery Rake

 Pittsburgh Carry-Lift

 Fordmac Dump Rake

 Armor Ditch Blade

 Heath Ditch Blade

 Sweepster Rotary Broom

 Sweepster Rotary Broom

 Kensico Spiker-Aerator

 Mechanical Transplanter

 Holland Transplanter

 Sunflower Roto-Mower

 Sunflower Gang Lawn Mower

Sunflower Gang Lawn Mower

Ideal Gang Mower

Lawnshear Gang Mower

Coldwell Gang Mower

Sun-Mastr Safti-Shear Mower

Mott Hammer Knife Mower

Mott Hammer Knife Mower

Pennington Rotary Mower

Pennington Rotary Mower

Sunflower Kub-Klipper

Sunflower Kub-Klipper

Sunflower Kub-Klipper

Wood Bros. Rotary Mower

Woods Rotary Mower model 59

International Danco Rotary Mower

Hole Auger, Rotary Tiller, Sod Cutter and many more